Free To Be More and More Me

ocean-wave-1149174__180I believe that life and energy come in waves. Waves can ebb and flow, sometimes gently, sometimes violently. There are times when it seems as if life, energy or waves are still. But even in the stillness, there is movement below the surface of things. I feel like I’m experiencing a strong wave of energy right now. I’m not sure if I can describe exactly what and how it feels but this is what I can tell you about it. Things are coming together within me, around me, and for me. I am more and more comfortable and accepting of myself, in my many manifestations. As a writer/blogger, as a yoga student/future teacher trainee, as a woman no longer on the verge but one who is emerging, I am free to be more and more me.

There are lots of intentions I have in mind for my self-improvement and growth. One of them is to get back to healthier eating and more physical activity to prepare my body and me for upcoming yoga teacher training. Lo and behold, I received a phone call today right before my lunch break at work from a lovely, dear ex-co-worker and friend. I got to reconnect with her for a few minutes. Our call was like a ray of sunshine bursting through a cloudy work day. Her name is Lesley and I’ve always affectionately called her Les-A-Ley (with loving, succinct emphasis on all three syllables!) She thought of me because she had a bunch of delicious, clean-eating recipes. She wanted to know if I wanted them if so she’ll send them to me via Facebook. I was touched and so happy she thought of me! When she worked at our company  five years ago, we were in a Weight Watchers group at work. She had some great recipes back then that I still have and use occasionally today. BOOM, the universe reconnects me with a great friend and a trusted source for healthy eating!meditation-1384758__180

My home yoga studio, Bright Yoga is hosting another 30 Day Yoga Challenge for the month of June! I truly appreciated the last challenge in January, which was 31 days of yoga. It deepened my practice at home and in the studio. It increased my strength and flexibility, not to mention I even lost a few pounds. I am really looking forward to this one as well. BOOM, the universe provides me with an opportunity for more physical activity. It was also announced today that Bright Yoga is officially a Yoga Alliance certified school! I believe the training will start in July.

I feel like the best part of this “wave” of my life is how I am choosing to approach it. Instead of beating myself up for not eating right or not being as active, I am focusing on how I intend to improve those things! It’s coming from a place of awareness and acceptance. I got a lot of really beautiful feedback about my last blog post, especially in an unexpected place that truly touched my heart. All of this because I am more and more free to be me. What a gift, one I intend to appreciate.

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