When Intention Takes On A Life of It’s Own

road-368718__180Over the past year, my life has been one amazing example after another of this. The latest intention? My yoga teacher is planning another yoga retreat in Bali. She’d just returned from one this year and loved it so much she announced in last Saturday’s class she wanted to do it again. This is in addition to a Yoga/Nutrition Retreat planned for the South of France in September of 2017. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t afford to go to the Bali Retreat this year. The next day she posted on Facebook the dates for the next Bali Retreat would be June 10-17, 2017 and my heart seized on the fact that my 50th birthday is June 9, 2017. I was the first to comment on her status. During the next yoga class, last Tuesday, when the discussion of the dates for the next Bali trip came up, I spoke out loud for the first time my intention to go for my 50th birthday. She made a suggestion about starting a GoFundMe page and I stated my intention to do personal fundraising through my cooking and baking, but I’d keep her idea in mind if that didn’t raise enough money. The next day at work I was talking to co-workers in the next cubicle about the trip and selling crockpot chili dinners with cornbread to fundraise for it. I had 2 orders on the spot for Friday, two days later! Both of the ladies were going camping with their families for the weekend and didn’t feel like cooking at the camp site. One of them wrote me a check the same day and the other paid cash the next morning. I had them bring their crockpots into work Thursday and I delivered their chili dinners with a tray of cornbread on Friday morning.

Another friend, Kristen, made some really good fundraising suggestions for work such as a 50/50 raffle and hosting a coffee bar or a bake sale on a Friday morning. I was so touched and excited by all of the support and suggestions. Another good friend, Sandi, came to my desk to say she’d overheard me talk about fundraising for my trip and donated a pair of San Diego Padres season tickets for an upcoming baseball game and suggested I sell raffle tickets for $5. She went back to her desk, printed out the tickets and brought them to me! I’ve sold $85 in raffle tickets as of today and hopefully will sell a few more before the drawing next Tuesday, May 3rd!

I posted pictures of the chili simmering and the two baked trays of cornbread cooling on Facebook Thursday night and got 2 more orders! I have an order from my bestie, Dawny for a 7-up cake too. My teacher allowed me to announce some of my fundraising ideas after our Saturday class and there were other really good suggestions made about how I could raise money! A friend and her husband handed me money as a donation towards my “Bali Fund” Saturday afternoon during an event I was helping to host for a community club.

Do you see how this has taken on a life of its own? All because I wrote an intention, then spoke it aloud a couple of times. I don’t know how much the trip costs yet, she is working on finalizing the details and that will be announced in about a week or so. Somehow, I’m not worried about it. I believe if I continue with the footwork as suggestions are made and opportunities present themselves then this intention will manifest into a reality for me.bali-287244__180

One of the things I wanted and intended most last year was to attend a Jen Pastiloff workshop or retreat. I didn’t know how that would happen because the retreats were more than I could afford and her more affordable workshops weren’t local enough to attend. Then she announced an Essay Scholarship contest on Facebook in August. I submitted an essay and it was one of a few chosen to earn a scholarship to her New Year’s Manifestation Retreat in Ojai, CA.

Last October, I felt I had focused so much energy on researching Life Coach and Yoga Teacher Training that I neglected my development as a writer. I write three blogs a week, but I want to do more with my writing. Lo and behold, a woman who hosts writers workshops in Hawaii and here on the Mainland in Los Angeles and Carmel, CA announced in November that she would be hosting workshops for Los Angeles in January of 2016. Her name was Beth Bornstein Dunnington and she sent a private message through Facebook encouraging me to come to her workshop. I attended her workshop in January and one in March. I’m scheduled to attend another one this coming weekend.

The best part about intentions is how God and Universe make a way, open a path or a door with little to no effort from you. The effort and footwork come when the way, path or door presents itself, like its doing now. I am beyond blessed, grateful and willing.gratitude-1251137__180

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