A Little Background…

Me and Baby Bub last year

Me and Baby Bub last year

My name is Tammi and I currently work as an insurance claims adjuster by day. I’m pretty much a spiritual SPAZZ the rest of the time! I live in Southern California and hope to be an empty-nester soon (well, maybe soon!) My teenage daughter, whom I lovingly refer to as Baby Bub is the last of my 3 children still in the house for now.  This blog is about me building my brave while navigating into this next phase of my life. A life aimed at broadening beyond a growing dissatisfaction with my job. One where I get to create a beautiful home while discovering my mission in order to live from it! A journey home to my authentic self, living from my heart which I believe will lead me to a bigger, more open life. I hope you come along for the ride.




10 thoughts on “A Little Background…

  1. This is so awesome. The last sentence is “I hope you come along for the ride”, well, I wouldn’t miss this ride. So excited to follow this blog.

  2. I am so excited to learn from your mistakes and mishaps. You are relentless in your pursuit of authenticity. What a blessing to share this journey with you!

  3. Any journey with you at the helm would be inspirational and a pleasure to see, hope is easy to find when one knows where to look. You always inspire me to keep hoping and holding on.

  4. That was beautiful Tammi. You have always been such an inspiration to me. You’ve certainly helped me with my journey. I definitely want to come along for the ride! Love you!

  5. Ms. Tammi,

    As we have held each other up over the years, given each other strength to grow, I once again endorse this new avenue in your life! I know you will be very successful as you are in everything you put your hand to! What a “Great Adventure” this will be!!!

  6. This is pretty damn cool. Good job my friend. I’ve been seeing the posts and finally decided to look it up. I’m glad I did. LOVE

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