Reverb From The Universe and Just This

yoga-310940__180Today is day 27 of  the 31 days of yoga challenge and I feel really good about how I’ve incorporated a practice into my daily life. It’s brought me added clarity, balance, strength, versatility and most of all a growing sense of comfort and camaraderie with other women at my yoga studio. I’m even a little sad that it’s ending, although I’m sure my Facebook friends are sick of my daily postings about it. I started to wonder what I could do next for February. Earlier in the month when I realized how weak my upper body was, I wanted to do a 30-day plank challenge. I still might, but I came across something that appealed to me more.

I found Ellie Hodges and her Facebook page “An Emergent Life” through Jennifer Pastiloff, of course ;-). She is a counselor who lives in Australia and she has developed a 28 day A-Z Mindful Living e-mail series for the month of February. Here is the link:

I’m excited about this because when I started the daily yoga challenge I had no clue how much it would add to my life. I imagine I won’t be able to predict or know what a month of mindful practice will do but I’m willing to find out! I also reposted the link on my page to invite any friends to join me if they were so inclined after reading about it. There are 6 of us so far, which means added personal support for each other. I mean, who couldn’t use more mindfulness and presence in their lives? We’ll be forming a closed Facebook group for us as well.

That starts in 5 days. Where the reverb comes in is with my spiritual advisor. I haven’t mentioned her as much lately because I’ve been lagging on consistently speaking to her every week like I had been doing before the Christmas holidays. We finally spoke again after a two-week break and I caught her up on the Big Island Writers Workshop experience among  other things. I was telling her about my vision board I made this past Sunday with a group of like-minded women. When I finished she said she’d like to make an observation. I’m always open to such things from this amazing woman. She said I was doing a lot of work building my future with the vision board as well as some work with my past, referring to a story I shared with her about my grandmom, Mimi, that I wrote at the writers workshop. Then she gave me a mission, should I choose to accept it… and yes, that IS a Mission Impossible reference. I just love her sense of humor and whimsy! She asked me to spend some time in the coming week being with the “is-ness” of the moment.zen-434531__180 She said the Buddha mind calls it “just this”, meaning to bring myself to the present moment of where ever I am and whatever I am doing. She recommended I ground myself to what is going on in the present moment. Like right now, I am lovingly tapping the keyboard as I try to impart to you the recognition of the reverb in her inherent mission for me. You see, I hadn’t told her about the A-Z Mindful Living challenge yet. This is how the Universe reverbs for me when I’m on a path I believe I’m supposed to be on.

Another case in point before I wrap up and end this blog. Remember about six weeks ago, I had my last session with my kick-ass therapist because she found another job and moved away? She and I left things open ended in that I was supposed to contact her the second week in January to set up a phone or skype session. Well, I never got around to contacting her and I was missing my weekly phone calls with my spiritual advisor. Needless to say, I needed to get this area of my life back on track. So I sent my therapist a text today asking to set up a time to talk on the phone. She responded in less than 15 minutes with a time and day she was available in my town because her new job didn’t work out. She’s back in town and our bi-weekly sessions are back on for the time being.

I’m on the right path, the reverb tells me so!sunset-473754__180

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