Healing Sounds And Energies: A Long Overdue Review

Fawntice Finesse Sound Therapist in her home studio You and The Mat

Fawntice Finesse Sound Therapist in her home studio You and The Mat

A wonderful part of the magic at Jen Pastiloff’s New Year’s Manifestation Retreat was a sound bath with Fawntice Finesse, Sound Therapist. Here is what I wrote about my first time experiencing it:

She played from metal bowls from the 17th and 18th centuries forged by monks in Tibet and the Himalayas, a gong and a flute. There are healing properties to sound baths and I can personally attest to just how wonderful the experience was. We laid on our backs with our heads facing her bowls and instruments with a cloth placed over our eyes and just let the tones of the bowls and rhythmic gong verberations wash over us. This is one of those times when words just aren’t adequate to describe the endlessly rising and falling tones from the bowls and reverb from the gong. She played for over 30 minutes I’m sure. When she finished with the bowls and gong, she picked up her flute to play the sweetest, lightest version of Auld Lang Syne I’d ever heard. The magic is real.

That occurred December 31, 2015, in Ojai, Ca. Part of what she warned about before beginning was the sounds could possibly activate or trigger pain, which is a different kind of energy stored in the body. She urged to breathe through the pain and encouraged us to visualize moving the pain down our body through our feet and offering it back to the earth. She said it might take some time but to keep breathing and visualizing. She couldn’t have know that since I’d started yoga last summer at the end of every class during Savasana (corpse pose, lying on my back) I’d experience a slow steady painful tightening of a muscle in my mid back. As I laid there on New Year’s Eve listening and feeling the waves of sound wash over me, I started feeling the tightening in my mid back. I did as she suggested. I breathed deeply into that region of my back and visualized moving the pain down my torso. Son of a bitch if the pain didn’t move down into my hips, but then it stayed there for a while. A good while, but I kept breathing and visualizing it moving down to my thighs, my legs, out from my feet and offering it back to the earth. It actually worked and I haven’t had a problem with my mid back in Savasana or any other supine pose or asana since.13239985_10154178352948948_280645891926258916_n

I’ve traveled to Orange County three more times for her workshops with tonight, Friday being my most recent experience with Fawntice’s Healing With Sounds . I found a friend from work, Jocelynn, who was willing to try it after I raved about my New Year’s experience with sound bath. We are both hooked on sound bathing and it has everything to do with the talent, skill and healing energy of Fawntice. She is a certified Sound & Yoga Therapist, a trained musician, an artist and a healer. She plays Tibetan singing bowls, ritual bells, gongs and the flute. Each workshop has been a little bit different and every time literally shifts and renews my energy. It does the same for Jocelynn. My spiritual advisor often tells me that everything is energy and I believe she is right. The gentle, healing, soothing energy that Fawntice personally emits is only magnified by the sound and music she creates with her bowls, bells, gongs, and instruments. Tonight I learned through her speech before the workshop that part of what she does is respond to the energy that the people in the workshop put into the room while she plays her sounds and that is why each healing workshop is different. I just know the first time in December I was transformed and she helped heal a pain I wasn’t sure how to resolve. The second time I fell asleep and snored (GOD!) it was that soothing, peaceful and restorative. The third time, as the picture of us below shows, refreshed and renewed us. That glow is the real deal. The fourth time, tonight, I was able to stay awake and present in a deeply meditative state that completely shifted every last bit of my negative, stressed out energy from leaving work to go directly there. I highly recommend you check out her website www.healwithsounds.com or her Facebook page Fawntice Finesse Sound Therapist. If you’re local to SoCal, maybe you can join Joss and me sometime! You will not regret it.13096117_10209575420924625_8960122984964166719_n

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